I would like to thank all the participants who spoke to me, let me include images from their personal collections and also helped me edit the final work.

Rita Behan, Harriet Dalton (Connaughton), Harriet Donnelly, John Freer, John Freer (senior), Patrick Freer, Steve Freer, John Gallagher, Marion Glennon, James Gough, Maureen Gough, Christopher Halpin, Christopher Halpin (senior), Eddie Hatton, Kieran Kavanagh, (Dublin City Architects Division), Anne Kelly, Carol Keogh, Andrew Kerfoot, Margaret Kerfoot, Daniel Lyons, Leo Magee, Tony May, Aileen Morrissey, Mary Murtagh, Pat Nash, Mary Nicholson, Marian Nolan, Fran O’Connor, James O’Keefe, Lilly O’Reilly, Michael O’Sullivan, Fergus Redmond, Margaret Taylor, Paul Tracy, Siobhan VanDekeere, Aidan Walsh.

I would like to thank all those participants who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Chris Reid