Sample PlaqueA Public Artwork for Nicholas Street, Ross Road, Bride Street and Bride Road, Dublin, Ireland- 2009

Chris Reid completed the permanent public artwork consisting of 21 bronze plaques and a printed book.

The Texts are based on recordings the artist made from 2004 to 2008 with residents and people associated with Nicholas Street, Ross Road, Bride Street, and Bride Road.

This work was commissioned through Dublin City Council's Public Art Programme, arising from the refurbishment of these buildings and funded by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. They can be viewed at any time.

The map below shows the locations of the plaques which have been installed on the red brick walls of Nicholas Street, Ross Road, Bride Street, and Bride Road. Read artist's statement here »

Map of location of Plaques Family Planning  - Nicholas Street Rasher Sandwich - Nicholas Street War Trauma - Nicholas Street Caretakers - Nicholas Street Father and Son - Ross Road Demoralised? - Ross Road Credit Plaque - Nicholas Street Dancehalls - Nicholas Street The Hill of the Street - Nicholas Street Truth  - Bride Road Predicaament? - Bride Road Chemical Factory - Bride Street Home - Bride Street Ragman - Ross Road Toss School - Ross Road Up the Hall - Ross Road Aspirations - Ross Road Moggy - Ross Road Blind Father - Ross Road Mother's Medicine - Bride Street Local Pubs - Bride Street View Contextual Map and Directions

* Generous thanks to all the residents of Nicholas Street, Ross Road, Bride Street, and Bride Road,
past and present who gave their time and stories to this project »

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